Finding new ways to build back better post pandemic



Covid-19 is a huge tragedy which has also dramatically revealed the weaknesses and lack of sustainability in our current economic models. Across the globe, people are realising that we owe it to those who have suffered to use the recovery to build back better – to find new ways of organising our economies to address inequality and the ecological crisis we face.

We want diverse young people from around the world, bringing their ideas and lived experience to have a bigger voice in shaping the future and what build back better looks like. And this is not just for those who have studied economics. We all live in economies and they interact with politics, society, the ecology, design, racism, sexism etc. The more diverse the perspectives, the better the thinking.

Of course, given the circumstances, this summer festival is different…

The amazing digital platform we are using gives you the chance to meet who you want to and easily join the discussions you are interested in. Ours will be a bespoke design by an award winning architectural graduate.

You have the power to decide what speakers we have and what we discuss.  If you nominate a speaker that is chosen, you get to ask the first question on the ‘stage’ with them.

Anyone around the world can be involved to meet and hear from people you never normally would – with no travel involved so no expense you, or cost to the environment.

…and all totally free to join in the unique expereince we’re offering.  






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